Terms & Conditions

Neodebrid is a SaaS (Software As A Service) that makes managing downloads easy. This is service is just acts like connection splitter, where no storage is made on our side, we act as a tool to make the process of downloading easier to manage.

Term Of Subscription
No recurring subscriptions. This is a one time payment for each service. No automatic renewals. There is actualy 30, 90, 180 and 365 days premium offer. Neodebris uses 3rd party payment processors to process payments. Price of services are written in Euros including VAT, all tax included pricing is indicated in the summary of the purchase of the service.


  • The user account is for personal use. It is not allowed to share account with others.
  • The use of VPN is forbidden.
  • The use of dedicated server hosting, proxy and other infrastructure are prohibited on our services
  • Account sharing is not allowed
  • We do automatic and manual checks to detect account sharing.
  • We reserve the right put daily limits for fair use.

Request to Remove User Account
Members can always request deletion of account. His request will be processed within 48 hours, to do that, you can find "Deactivate Account" section on your profile.

Suspension And Termination
Neodebrid may suspend or terminate an account automatically and without notice Services

  • In case of serious or repeated violation by the User of contractual obligations related to compliance with legislation in force
  • Failure to comply with these terms and conditions
  • If requested by the competent authorities

Use of Service
The user acknowledges not to use our service for downloading files that are considered illegal by his country's laws. We are only an intermediary, just like an ISP. As a matter of fact, we only offer a service based on bandwidth, we do not host any file. The user agrees to comply with the current law in terms of digital trust.