Terms of Use

Service Provided

Neodebrid is a SaaS (Software As A Service) which works as a Web-Based Download Manager. Neodebrid helps their users to downlaod from different file storage services easier and faster. No storage made on our side. It simply accelerates the connection between users and storage services.

Term Of Subscription

No reccuring subscription is made. This is a one time payment for each service. There is actualy 30, 90, 180 and 365 days premium offer. Different means of secured payment are available through third-party companies. Price of services are written in Euros excluding VAT, all tax included pricing is indicated in the summary of the purchase of the service. To subscribe to services, the User must follow the process of creation of an account online, where this one is available on the website. Service or part of service may be suspended, please refer to the refund policy concerning case of refund. However please note that their is no refund available if one or several filehosting service that may have been supported and then removed. Indeed, this is a all in one solution, and this is a service package which is provided. That means, that additions or removals in any kind of supported service is not subject of modification of service pricing.

Personal Use

Users are not allowd to create mutliple accounts. The use of VPN is authorized (only for premium users) The use of dedicated server hosting, proxy and other infrastructure are prohibited on our services The use of our service for Remote Upload to any File Sharing services is strictly prohibited Account sharing is not allowed Automatic and manual checks are performed To ensure the stability and fairness of the quality of services to our users, a fair use is internally implemented. Temporary restrictions may be implemented when the misuse of a User can degrade quality of service for other users Some of the announced hosters as supported have daily limitations, you can see this limitations by checking the “Service Status” list on the sidebar. We reserve the right of change the daily limits of the hosters at any time without notice Request to Remove User Account The user can at any time request a deletion of its users information. His request will be processed within 48 hours, to do that open a ticket on https://neodebrid.com/support or send an email to contact@neodebrid.com making your request.

Suspension And Termination

Neodebrid may suspend or terminate an account automatically and without notice. In case of serious or repeated violation by the User of contractual obligations related to compliance with legislation in force Failure to comply with these terms and conditions If requested by the competent authorities

Refund Policy

Thank you for choosing Neodebrid.com. We work very hard to provide a top service on our website and compensate for any downtime (by adding extra days to your account validity). If your account has been active for less than 3 Days or if you have not downloaded more than 10 files or 10GB of downloads, you are allowed to get a full refund only if our team approves it. If your account has been active for more than 3 Days, you can get a partial refund under following circumstances: Customer support isn't able to resolve your issues and more than 30% of the filehosts we support are offline. Your account was not banned due to sharing or abuse violations. To get a refund, please create a support ticket explaining your situation, make sure to include your your transaction ID in the ticket.